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About me

Who are you and what is this site?
My name is Miguel Moreno and am the author of this web site. This site is my personal site where I will post anything I see that may be of interest to anyone.

Most of the times it will be related to Web and software development, other times I will post about anything that I think is worth sharing with anyone interested.

I am also posting a variety of code experiments. These come from challenges that I have eventually managed to overcome (or not) and find worth sharing.

Miguel Moreno,
Miguel Moreno
Why are you doing this?
I don’t really know. I ask myself the same question. I tend to be an inquisitive person and if I find a solution to a problem or something that can be shared and will help people out, then I’ll gladly share that. Other than that, I also think it is a good showcase for the passion I have for creative solutions to problems and skills.
Miguel Moreno,
Miguel Moreno
Cool. What are your skills?
I am a software developer with a somewhat functional right brain. That means a programmer with a rare blend of creative capabilities, enabling me to write software and also make it user friendly, attractive and intuitive to the end user.
Miguel Moreno,
Miguel Moreno
Why did you end up choosing software development?
The year was 1982, when on a cold, Dutch, breezy winter day my parents surprised me with my first computer. At age 11, I was the proud new owner of a Commodore 64, including a tape drive, a shoebox-sized floppy drive and a color monitor, exactly like shown below.


Did I mention it was a COLOR monitor? Yes, color! Not green, grey or orange…. COLOR! Back then, I was probably the coolest kid on the block (not so much anymore). Since then, other PC’s followed: I subsequently owned a x286, x386, x486 dx2, etc.

I went to college and studied a few years of Computer Science but at 19 years old, there were too many pretty girls to look at. Combined with some persistent ADD, I eventually (and inevitably) dropped out.

I was left with having to enter the Merchant Marine Academy to please my father, following his career. This is a military academy, so I was straightened out the hard way and graduated with honors. I spent 5 years at sea, travelling around the world several times.

My passion for computer science remained. I would buy books on how to program and write on-board maintenance planning applications in Access, Visual Basic and anything else I could get my hands on.

After a few years at sea, I decided to trade my compass and sextant for a keyboard and a mouse. I moved ashore and have since then been involved in everything from teaching to writing software.

Miguel Moreno,
Miguel Moreno
So, where exactly are you from?
Now, that is a bit complicated: my mother is from Venezuela, my father is from Spain.

I however, was raised Holland and I spent over a decade of my life in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. I then moved to Italy for a few years and then Brazil and Venezuela for another couple of years.

Add to that, 5 years at sea, about 14 years in the USA and you will easily realize that I am really a citizen without a country.

I have dual citizenship: I am both a US citizen and a EU citizen (Spain).

Miguel Moreno,
Miguel Moreno
I see a lot of code on your blog posts; did you really writes all those experiments yourself?
Yes… every experiment and its corresponding code was written by me.

Sometimes, I look back and I don’t get it either. Some of it looks really simple, with lots of errors and some of it looks more difficult. I guess, when I am into solving a problem, I am able to focus, solve it and just completely forget how I did it.

Miguel Moreno,
Miguel Moreno
How many languages do you really speak?
I am fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch and Italian.

In addition, growing up in Europe I couldn’t help but become familiar with other languages. I also studied German, French and Latin in high school.

I would love to learn German, Portuguese and French.

Miguel Moreno,
Miguel Moreno
I’d like to contact you. How can I reach you?
You can reach me via the following channels, whichever you prefer:

    PGP public key
Miguel Moreno,
Miguel Moreno