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Posted by on 31st December, 2002

Flash Communication Server Hosting

I have been experimenting with Flash Communication Server lately and have also been looking for affordable FlashCom hosting. As it is well know, MediaTemple offers FlashComm hosting, but only as an add-on to one of their hosting packages. This forces you to purchase a hosting plan of minimum $20 per month and then add $15 per month to include FlashComm. All in all, you are looking at $35 per month. I recently stumbled upon which offers only FlashComm Server capability. This means that you can continue to use your own hosting account and simply use Influxis as the FlashComm Server. I am not sure about performance, since these two servers (your webserver and Influxis' FlashCom server may be thousands of miles apart. In any case, for experimental purposes, it may be useful to you. Here are the details:   Rate: Monthly $9.95 | One-Time Setup Fee $15 FCSMX Connections: 4 Streaming Bandwidth: 64 kbps Disk Space: 25 MB | $1 per additional Megabyte Bandwidth Allowance: 1 GB transfer/month...

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Posted by on 19th December, 2002 3D in Flash via Drawing API features what appears to be a fairly solid solution for 3D in Flash via the Drawing API…however, the key drawback is the lack of textures in my opinion. Others may see this as a benefit because of the small file size that results, however, if textures could be implemented, this would be something not only to talk about, but to shout excitedly about. (via...

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Posted by on 5th December, 2002

Dreamweaver MX version 6.1

There is a new updater for Dreamweaver MX. Dreamweaver MX version 6.1 includes performance improvements and enables collaboration with Macromedia Contribute. In addition, several outstanding issues discovered since the release of Dreamweaver MX have been addressed in this version....

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Posted by on 2nd December, 2002

What do they do?

Here is the website of huh corporation. It seems they know what they are doing, but no one else does. Clean, funny and well done. Make sure you read the details and you will see what I mean with funny....

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