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Posted by on 28th February, 2003


Gregg has formerly posted solutions for creating EPS, PNG and JPEG. The scripts are based around an ActionScript class that outputs the Flash drawings as text. You then have to save this on your desktop and rename the file to .PDF Automating this on a server should be fairly simple so that the server could write the PDF and send it back to the user. Coders should also be able to extend the class further to include both text and images to create a complete tool out of this… Check it...

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Posted by on 25th February, 2003

Macromedia Breeze – new product

It has been out for a few days, but I just happened to see it last night. Basically it is Presedia Express, with a Macromedia make-over, as I understand. Macromedia Breeze is a fully automated learning solution that leverages common business tools like Microsoft PowerPoint and the web for rapid, easy, and consistent online training. Macromedia Breeze solutions enable organizations to quickly provide customers, partners, and employees with consistent, just-in-time education and training. With Macromedia Breeze solutions, you can now educate, train, and inform in minutes, not months. Looking at the prices, it is obviously targeted to enterprises and not for the average consumer, but check it...

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Posted by on 20th February, 2003

GreetingCardBuilder application

I have recently finished this application and is now fully functional. The application allows users to put together a greeting card where all items of the card are variables: backgrounds, messages and music. The idea of was born out of realization that e-card sites do not allow enough customization on the cards and therefore the cards lose the personal touch or true meaning of the message they intend to convey. Ingredients: Flash MX, ASP, XML and SQL. Check it out and let me know what you think....

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Posted by on 18th February, 2003

DevNet Subscriptions — Value for money or wasted functionality?

By now most of you have probably heard the news that Macromedia have morphed their DesDev (Designer/Developer) Centre into DevNet. This (I suspect) was partly in readiness for the release of their new site (code named Dylan 65). Basically, the DevNet centre is pretty much still the same free developer resource site it always was (as DesDev), with its archive of more than four hundred articles, code examples, tips, tutorials, and sample applications....

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Posted by on 9th February, 2003

3D Virtual reality Chat

I noticed the amazing example of a FLash MX 3d virtual chatroom. You can place yourself on any position you want and manipulate cameras, in order to see whatever you want or what your chatroom collegues are viewing. You can also perform actions, like waving. Check it out:...

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Posted by on 6th February, 2003

The Trend Towards Flash as a Tool for Web Application Development

Joe Welinske from WinWriters has written an excellent article about what Flash is offering to the Web App arena. If you are itching to build a web app with Flash but are hampered by management who is still not sold on Flash's abilities then you should send them this link post haste! A few of my favorite quotes include: "Flash opens up a great many possibilities for user assistance. We can design the UA based on the needs of our users rather than the limitations of browser technology." and "Of course, browser compatibility is always a first concern when we talk about escaping the cocoon of HTML. With Flash, browser compatibility is a non-issue. Flash works on Windows and the Mac and is bundled with Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, AOL, and Opera. This puts Flash in the hands of over 500 million users."...

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Posted by on 2nd February, 2003

Prototype functions

If you are writing a prototype functions that you will reuse on future projects and include in your for your file, take a look at Layer 51. There is a good chance that this particular function already exists and is already written. You will find tons of useful functions, and if you have some of yourself, you can send them...

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