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Posted by on 29th April, 2004

Implement your own CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA stands for "completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart." What it means is, a program that can tell humans from machines using some type of generated test. A test most people can easily pass but a computer program cannot. You've probably encountered such tests when signing up for an online email or forum account. The form might include an image of distorted text, like that seen above, which you are required to type into a text field. The idea is to prevent spammers from using web bots to automatically post form data in order to create email accounts (for sending spam) or to submit feedback comments or guestbook entries containing spam messages. The text in the image is usually distorted to prevent the use of OCR (optical character reader) software to defeat the process. Hotmail, PayPal, Yahoo and a number of blog sites have employed this technique. This article demonstrates how to create such an image and employ it within an ASP.NET web form....

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Posted by on 22nd April, 2004

Anonymizing Google’s Cookie

If you use Google, and you accept it's cookie, you should give some thought to the implications, both good and potentially bad : this page tries to help you do that, together with an easy way to anonymize it without missing out on its benefits....

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Posted by on 21st April, 2004

Side-by-side code comparison: Java vs C#

Clean and clear code comparisons of all aspects of both languages. This site will get your attention if you know one of the two and thought different of the other one. Also excellent overview for AS programmers, since AS is very very similar to both these languages. Check it out:...

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Posted by on 18th April, 2004

SQL Enterprise Manager alternative

Microsoft SQL Server Web Data Administrator: easily manage your SQL Server and MSDE data, wherever you are, through any browser. Use this tool to create and edit databases, manage users and roles, export and import database schema and data, and more—all from your favorite Web browser. Available here from the Microsoft Download...

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