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Posted by on 28th July, 2006

All-in-one, Personalized Homepage

All-in-one, Personalized Homepage

With so much information to search for and somehow wanting to squeeze it all between 1400 and 1050 pixels, it is becoming hard to find an application or site aggregator that does it well. I had been using My Yahoo for a while and although I wasn't necessarily thrilled with it, it did the job and did it decently.

I have tried others as well, such as My MSN and even blogged about Google Personalized and Microsoft's Start a while back. I started using pageflakes for a while, but noticed it would lock up and its performance was less than satisfactory.

The other competitors I found were: Goowy and Protopage, I didn't think I would write about it again until I found NetVibes. A very well designed Ajax-based, all in one, personalized homepage that you can arrange at will with as many blog feeds, news feeds, weather reports, financial information as you will. There are a good amount of widgets as well to choose from. It also offers a multi tab environment and each module refreshes itself without refreshing the entire page.

I am now using NetVibes as my home page with over 300 simultaneous feeds in 6 tabs and hardly notice any performace issues. It is a cool tool I had to write about…check it out!

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