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Posted by on 10th May, 2013

Chrome Extension code inspection

Chrome Extension code inspection

I was about to install an extension for Chrome and it was asking me for some permissions that I wasn’t ready to give up. I am sure it was ok, but I wanted to take a closer look, just in case.

So, I know that Chrome extensions are just Javascript and some other files, right? I’d like to have a look. Where do I look, where are these files?

You’ll find them here:

Chrome extensions

The exact path is:


C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\<User or Default>\Extensions\

Now, you need to find the Extension ID to find out which folder you need to look into. You find that here: Click on Chrome Settings here:

5-10-2013 8-20-15 PM

When the menu opens, follow Tools > Extensions


That will open the Extensions page. Here, look for your extension and lookup the ID.


Find the folder with that ID and open it up and inspect the files. That’s it!

5-10-2013 8-26-52 PM