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Posted by on 7th December, 2011

Composite C1 content management system

Composite C1 content management system

I have been recently busy with a couple of projects and had to decide on a new CMS framework to build them on. I had tried Umbraco in the past and found I had some issues with the installation and just never couldn’t quite “get” it right away. I looked at Orchard after seeing it at MIX in Las Vegas and finally also tried Composite C1 from Denmark. I was quite impressed with the last one.

It is not so much the features that come with the framework, but more the freedom it gives you to write your code whichever way you want. You can use the provided XSLT extension or provide your own and use them as controls.

If you prefer to write your controls in C# code, you can do that to and call them exactly the same as you would the built-in XSLT functions. You can use it with existing MasterPages, MVC or old-school ASP.NET.

It is free and comes with a bucket of ready to go plug-ins. Some of these components are to be paid for, but very few of them.

I understand that the choice of picking a CMS is based on requirements, technology, capabilities and finally personal preference, but this is one I would suggest to have a look at.

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