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Posted by on 2nd April, 2005

Finally Settled In

Finally Settled In

So, I have finally unpacked, started my job, sold my former house and settled in (somewhat). I am very excited about where I am at; I love the neighborhood, weather and environment.

The weather has been spectacular, all though I have been told this winter has been an extraordinary pleasant winter. The mountain landscape is breathtaking and the drive to work relatively short and scenic.

I am very happy with my new job, the truly excellent team I am working with and the projects scheduled for this year.

The city of Snoqualmie is famous for its falls, which is only about 1 mile from my new house. The town is about 20 miles from bellevue and 25 miles from Seattle. Nicely located: far away from downtown, but still nearby should I need a downtown.

Anyways, this post is just to announce that I survived the moving process and am recovering nicely. I will be able to answer my emails again and will be working on some new experiments pretty soon.

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