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Posted by on 25th January, 2006

Free physics textbook

Free physics textbook

Free physics booksHow does a rainbow form? Is levitation possible? Do time machines exist? What does 'quantum' mean? What is the maximum force value found in nature? Is 'empty space' really empty? Is the universe a set? Which problems in physics are still unsolved?

Motion Mountain publishes a free, online, physics textbook that tells the story of how it became possible, after 2500 years of exploration, to answer such questions. The book is written to be entertaining, surprising and challenging on every page. With little mathematics, the text explores the most fascinating parts of mechanics, thermodynamics, special and general relativity, electrodynamics, quantum theory and modern attempts at unification. The essence of these fields is summarized in the most simple terms: it is shown how they are based on the notions of minimum entropy, maximum speed, maximum force, minimum change of charge and minimum action.

The text explores the limits of time and space, and the wonders that can be discovered there. Written in English, its over 1200 pages are provided for students, teachers, and for anybody who is interested in the precise description of nature. For each field of physics, the latest research results, the most interesting physical puzzles and the most telling physical curiosities are presented. Over 680 solved challenges and 510 figures, photographs and tables are included. You can Download the 18th revision of the full Motion Mountain physics textbook, of October 2005, in a 40 MB pdf file, for a total of 1250 pages or read each chapter online.

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