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Posted by on 21st July, 2007

FTP add-in for Visual Studio

FTP add-in for Visual Studio

Visual Studio is a very complex and complete piece of software and I use it everyday. I have very few add-ins for it simply because it really comes with everything I need. However, there is one thing, one key feature that I find is missing. I had written about it before and that is the lack of FTP support for web applications.

Sometimes, you just need to be able to make changes to a file, run it locally to verify that it works and being able to upload it directly to the webserver from within VS. I know there is some support for it, but frankly I think it was placed in there at the last minute…it is unusable. So, I think I have finally found a product that does the job decently exactly as I expect it to. It is an add-in to VS2005 and it is called Dispatch .

“Dispatch is VS plugin that helps you keep track of the files that need to be uploaded – all from within the
comfort of the Visual Studio 2005 IDE.”

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