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Posted by on 4th May, 2009

Google Android phone…

Google Android phone…

Although I have pretty much always had one, I have never really cared much for the functionality of a cellphone, other than what it was meant to do…like placing phonecalls. I have an uninteresting Motorola Rzr, so anything is pretty much an upgrade.

So I decide to get a new phone. Windows Mobile? no thanks. I have had experience with a couple of pda’s and until Microsoft comes out with something completely new, I will not go through that again…iPhone? no thanks, not yet. I am warming up to the idea, but it seems that everyone has one and I would have to be forced to switch providers.

What else…: Google Android…? all my Google apps constantly synchronized? Built-in GPS and Google Maps…? Unlimited Internet via 3G in my area? I now understand what is so interesting about a smart phone. The amount of productive apps that are available, the variety of functions they can performs is impressive, especially the location-aware applications. The one drawback is that if I ever want to write an application for it, I am going to need to learn some Android OS and Java.

Other than that, I have had it for only a couple of days and really love it…