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Posted by on 5th July, 2013

Javascript projects I should be looking into

Javascript projects I should be looking into

I give up. I just posted a list of jQuery plugin libraries that I need to look into and then find this site., brands itself as: “every javascript project you should be looking into”. That is ridiculous. I will never, ever have enough time to look into even a fraction of these libraries. Did you see how many libraries there are?

In any case, I am adding another bookmark for a site that makes me feel very small:

  • The site is primarily focused on micro libraries, utilities, and other JS wizardry that can run in a browser.
  • The site is not an automated directory.
  • The site owner reads all the documentation and attempts to write an example that runs in the browser for every single library added to the site.
  • This all takes time and is motivated by a deep and possibly unhealthy love of JavaScript.
  • If you are looking for something about package managers, scaffolding software, etc. check out:

And…as if that wasn’t enough, a handful of Angular directives are also available here.