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Posted by on 10th November, 2002

Macromedia Introduces Contribute

stayed up last night till late to attend a webcast on this new product that will make life easier for a lot of people on either side of the fence. Web developers/designers and customers. I has great features and there is just no such product out that that compares to it. Macromedia just keeps impressing us.

A user unfamiliar with HTML can just browse to a page, and if permissions set by an admin allow, it can then make changes to the content of the webpage as it pleases, just like editing a :Word: document. The admin sets the permission on what pages and what areas of the pages can be modified, so that structure and dynamic content remains untouched.

Great for webdesigners and Intranets!. It is also very affordable at $99 per license.

Check out the features:…