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Posted by on 19th November, 2008

Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 Progress…

Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 Progress…

Although it is undeniable that Silverlight has made quite an impact and, apparently been embraced without much resistance, it still has a long road ahead to catch up to its rival: Flash. As Scott Gu points out in his blog, more and more Rich Internet (and non-Internet as well) Applications are being written in Silverlight and the technology is becoming mainstream with the big names.

On the other hand, Flash has clearly the upper hand. More than 10 years in the business and a platform that can be embraced by non developers, gave them a long early start.

Just looking at the demand for developers in either realm on gives you the picture:  Flash (2241) vs. Silverlight (178).

A few good articles comparing these two platforms can be found here, here, here and here.

So, as a developer familiar with both technologies, on which one would you concentrate…?