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Posted by on 12th August, 2008

Optimizing tools for ASP.NET

Optimizing tools for ASP.NET

We all know that you can ask for directions to the same destination multiple times and get different answers each time.

They will all lead you to your destination; however, some direction may get you there faster, some have a more scenic panorama, some with clear instructions and others are difficult to follow.

The exact same is true for software development; each developer will write code their own way and have a reason as to why some function was written a certain way. However, with software, a key requirement is that we often don't want the elegance, the scenic nor the "pretty" code, but simply the code that executes efficiently, robustly and fast. How do you know if your code does exactly that…? You don't really know until you take your code for a test run and measure its performance…

There are a ton of tools out there that will assist in giving you a diagnosis of speed, performance, etc.

Morgan at has written a good article highlighting 9 essential tools that a developer ought to have to test run their code and optimize it for deployment.

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