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Posted by on 3rd June, 2005

Personalized Google has competition

Personalized Google has competition

Personalized Google, a page with the same ol' search box, but with the addition of your personal selection of news stories (XML feeds). Although Microsoft is light years ahead with its implementation of my.msn.comwhich offers similar, but more complex features, it seems that they may want to go toe-to-toe with Google on this one.

I don't recall exactly how, but I stumbled upon this experimental search/XML feed news aggregator by Microsoft that uses Asynchroneous Javascript to refresh, collapse, expand and move the headline around. It is the same technology used by Google in that has proven quite efficient and robust and the site sure does look like it will do the same as Personalized Google…search and aggregate news feeds. You can fully customize the page with your own feeds.

Try it and I think you'll be impressed. Again, it is sort of in an experimental phase and I do not know what Microsoft is planning for it, but it certainly looks promising…and so does the fight that is brewing…

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