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Posted by on 12th November, 2002

Protecting your Flash Code

Protecting your Flash ActionScripts can be a difficult task. Flash file format (SWF) is an openly documented format and there is increasingly a market for products which manipulate SWF files with the aim of extrapolating the ActionScript code within the file. Given almost any SWF file products such as ActionScript Viewer can extract all the ActionScript, rebuilding a mock-timeline showing interconnections between elements of the SWF and their code.

You can start protecting it from the inside to some extent, using an ActionScript Obfuscator. Obfuscation is the process of replacing variables and making the code confusing to the human eye, but still understandable by the Actionscript interpreter. Besides that, you must read this article which is full with good advice on how to further protect your code.

Protecting …. by Gary Rosenzweig