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Posted by on 18th August, 2007

Quick(er) PC reboot

Quick(er) PC reboot

Rebooting a Windows computer is a pain in the neck and depending on the OS, hardware or software installed, it can take quite a while for the machine to boot up and be fully responsive. Averages run around one and a half minute. first the BIOS loads, and then eventually Windows.

So, what if you could just restart Windows, without restarting the BIOS?

“Sometimes, you need to reboot Windows (e.g. when installing new software), but there is no need to restart BIOS, too. However, the default is to reboot both. (That’s called doing a “cold boot,” rather than a “warm boot.”) There’s a trick that works on both XP and Vista to get it to do a warm boot instead, thus saving you 30 seconds per cycle”

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Update: Apparently this trick only worked in older Windows 95/98 machines.