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Posted by on 11th November, 2003

Recalling Voyager

By now should have heard the news that Voyager has reached the edge of the solar system, although many scientist dispute that statement. In any case, you may also know about the golden records that are onboard each one of the Voyagers (I and II). I had known about the records and their purpose, but never really researched the actual content…..untill now.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California has this Flash presentation displaying the contents of the records. I will keep the details of my opinion to myself but I think the Voyager needs to be recalled immediately, before anyone out there happens to find it…

I am from this world, and believe have half a brain and I am not sure I would be able to figure out, by looking solely at the engravings, that the needle placed on the spinning disk would produce some sort of visible images. And then the images they picked….! But then again, I am just a sofware developer…what do I know?.

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