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Posted by on 26th July, 2008

Secure GMail…

Secure GMail…

If you use GMail, you expect to be using a highly robust, efficient and secure application. You also expect that your password is encrypted and transmitted via https when you log in. These are all true statements…however, in regards to encryption, that is as far as it goes. In other words, when you send or receive email, the data is transmitted using plain http protocol, thus in clear text and relatively easily “sniffed”, especially when on a wireless connection.

You used to be able to “hack” GMail and just add an -s to the http and make your connection secure when sending and receiving mail, however, that required a manual and often change every time you checked your email.

Now GMail has the option to enable this feature permanently in the settings. You can now choose to transmit all you correspondence via a secure channel or not.

The drawback is obviously speed: your connection will be somewhat slower, because of the encryption and decryption process on both sides on your client and the server. However, because of the size of your typical email message, the speed difference should go unnoticed, unless of course your on a slow connection…

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