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Posted by on 16th August, 2003

SoThink Glanda Flash Tool on

I am somewhat surprised that doing a search for Flash on returned so few results. One of these reults was for SoThink Glanda Flash Tool.

This tool is a simple Flash tool that allows for quick creations of mostly ad-type Flash animations. Developed in China, it is nothing fancy, but not terribly bad either. It also comes with a SWF decompiler for extracting symbols out of swf's.

In any case, my surprise was that microsoft had done little to somehow integrate Flash into their ASP.NET or Windows software applications and, not having their own swf producing software, instead promotes an application of an unknown and small software firm…..

I have wondered why Microsoft hasn't taken any steps to competing with Macromedia and Adobe and come out with a swf producing tool. So, why are they promoting this software? Is this a hint of what is to come? We'll see…..