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Posted by on 12th November, 2003

The standalone programmer

Here are some excellent articles, offering advice, tips and project related events some of us are well familiar with. All articles written by Matt Gullett:

The Standalone Programmer: A question of quality
Can a standalone developer develop high quality software and compete with teams of developers?
The Standalone Programmer: Communicating with Users
Communicating with users requires alot of experience and effort but can be easier by following some simple rules.
The Standalone Programmer: Delivering high quality results
Simple steps that can be taken to insure that high quality results are the norm, not the exception.
The Standalone Programmer: Innovative Software Development
Sometimes rules interfere with talent, skills and experience when innovation is needed
The Standalone Programmer: Real Time Software Development
Coping with the challenges of the real-time enterprise requires new skills, a commitment to change and some new approaches.
The Standalone Programmer: Simple Performance Testing
A simple framework for creating customized performance tests
The Standalone Programmer: Tips from the trenches
Being a standalone programmer can be as good or as bad as we make it.