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Posted by on 18th July, 2007

What tools I use for software development

What tools I use for software development

I read a post somewhere (truly can’t remember where…) about the tools one uses to develop software and thought to myself: do the software tools or programs we use identify us?

I think it would it be safe to say that you can tell a lot from a person from what he is wearing or which software products he/she uses. Would you think doifferent of someone who told you they used x application…? maybe because you preferred another one?

Interesting questions, but I’d thought I’d post some of my own tools I use on a daily basis…

Here they are:

  1. Visual Studio 2005 (IDE)
  2. SQL 2005 Management Studio (Database)
  3. Virtual PC / VMWare (PC Virtualization)
  4. Winmerge (File/Folder differencing)
  5. Fireworks / Paint.NET (Image editor)
  6. Dispatch (VS FTP add-in)
  7. SyncBack (FTP Syncronization)
  8. Fiddler (HTTP debugger)
  9. Axosoft Ontime (VS bug track add-in)