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Posted by on 21st September, 2003

Where is Code Navigation {} in Dreamweaver MX 2004?

I use Dreamweaver for every bit of Actionscript code that requires more than 5 lines and have gotten used to that. Switching between applications (FMX-DWMX) is second nature and one of the reasons was the ease of looking up function with the "Code Navigation" widget. This was a button in DWMX that was represented by "{}" and listed every function in the code by its name. Selecting a function would jump to the corresponding line in the code where the function started. This was very, very useful when working with large AS files containing many functions.

I was very dissapointed to see that this button did not show with the new DWMX 2004 version and was nowhere to be found. But there is a trick to make it available. Danilo Celic shares the following tip on the Macromedia Forums:

  1. Open up DW Install/Configuration/Toolbars/toolbars.xml
  2. Around line 134, then uncomment the menubutton tag the has an id of DW_CodeNav.
  3. Close and restart DW, and you should now see the Code Nav button.