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Posted by on 13th November, 2002

Whiteboard extension experiment

I am experimenting a bit more whit Flash Communication Server and extended the whiteboard component.

The whiteboard component, in conjunction with Flash Communication Server, allows multiple users to see what any of these users are drawing on their whiteboard. I.e.: Michael can see what Nicole is drawing in real-time. Now, the reason I believe this component is somewhat useless, is because all that is allowed is to draw arrows(and some cumbersome writing). If this tool wants to be a true competitor of Micorsofts NetMeeting or Webex it will need a little more juice than that. The reason people share a whiteboard is because of the need to share and show something like a diagram, an image, a presentation, a flowchart or other such visual item. Then, you can use the drawing tools to point out and remark items on the whiteboard.

In this experiment, I allow any user to upload an .jpg image and set that as the background in the whiteboard component. As soon as the image is uploaded, all users will see that image as their whiteboard background.