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Posted by on 18th November, 2002


I got up to see the Leonid meteor shower only to discover an overcast sky with a full moon right in the clear spot with no clouds. Quite a bummer. I guess I will have to wait 30 years to see the next one. In the meantime, I found this article by Greg Burch on Shared local Objects which is quite good. If you ever wondered what these things were, consider thinking of it as a cookie on steroids. With 100k of space (by default and customizable) and capable of storing anything from a simple variable to an Array() or XML Object, this is one item not to be overlooked in your Flash MX toolbox. I also found a simple sample of SSO in action by...

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Posted by on 17th November, 2002

Delayed post

Well, I have been very busy. I still have not been able to get the Flash Comm server to work properly. It only seems to work when accessed from the local network. Even though the URI is pointing to an external server. I have allowed the Firewall and router to let traffic through on port 1935 and everything else. I also thought of doing a System.allowdomain on the external server, but no luck. On the other hand, I have not given it much of my time either. In any case, if anyone knows, or has had this much trouble setting up FlashComm, please drop me a...

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Posted by on 13th November, 2002

Whiteboard extension experiment

I am experimenting a bit more whit Flash Communication Server and extended the whiteboard component. The whiteboard component, in conjunction with Flash Communication Server, allows multiple users to see what any of these users are drawing on their whiteboard. I.e.: Michael can see what Nicole is drawing in real-time. Now, the reason I believe this component is somewhat useless, is because all that is allowed is to draw arrows(and some cumbersome writing). If this tool wants to be a true competitor of Micorsofts NetMeeting or Webex it will need a little more juice than that. The reason people share a whiteboard is because of the need to share and show something like a diagram, an image, a presentation, a flowchart or other such visual item. Then, you can use the drawing tools to point out and remark items on the whiteboard. In this experiment, I allow any user to upload an .jpg image and set that as the background in the whiteboard component. As soon as the image is...

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Posted by on 12th November, 2002

Protecting your Flash Code

Protecting your Flash ActionScripts can be a difficult task. Flash file format (SWF) is an openly documented format and there is increasingly a market for products which manipulate SWF files with the aim of extrapolating the ActionScript code within the file. Given almost any SWF file products such as ActionScript Viewer can extract all the ActionScript, rebuilding a mock-timeline showing interconnections between elements of the SWF and their code. You can start protecting it from the inside to some extent, using an ActionScript Obfuscator. Obfuscation is the process of replacing variables and making the code confusing to the human eye, but still understandable by the Actionscript interpreter. Besides that, you must read this article which is full with good advice on how to further protect your code. Protecting …. by Gary...

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Posted by on 10th November, 2002

Macromedia Introduces Contribute

stayed up last night till late to attend a webcast on this new product that will make life easier for a lot of people on either side of the fence. Web developers/designers and customers. I has great features and there is just no such product out that that compares to it. Macromedia just keeps impressing us. A user unfamiliar with HTML can just browse to a page, and if permissions set by an admin allow, it can then make changes to the content of the webpage as it pleases, just like editing a :Word: document. The admin sets the permission on what pages and what areas of the pages can be modified, so that structure and dynamic content remains untouched. Great for webdesigners and Intranets!. It is also very affordable at $99 per license. Check out the features:...

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Posted by on 10th November, 2002

Flash Experiments

I recently came across one site that really impressed me. Anthony Eden has done some extensive experimental work with Flash and shows us here his portfolio. Truly impressive stuff. Check it out....

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Posted by on 8th November, 2002

Fresh Look

I have changed the look of the blog site and also added a few ASP pages to ease the pain of updating. Using Dreamweaver MX, adding recordsets, edit and update pages is a breeze. If there is one drawback, I find the code is somewhat cluttered and not easy to read, but other than that it allows you to make dynamic sites in a matter of...

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Posted by on 31st October, 2002

Browser back button solved in Flash

This has been a thorn in my side, and a big drawback when comparing Flash to non-rich clients, but here I offer a simple solution. I made this simple, 5-frame application, using Flash, Javascript and ASP, but with little work, it can be adapted to CFMX, JSP or other server application technologies. The important thing is to grasp the concept. See it working...

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Posted by on 30th October, 2002


I passed the Macromedia Flash MX Developer exam a couple of weeks ago and am anxiously waiting for my name to be added to the Macromedia Certified Developers list. Macromedia updates this list the 30th of every month, but since DevCon had a big promotion on getting certified on location, maybe they are delaying the updates to obtain all passing scores from the event. We will...

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